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Indonesia is the largest producer of palm oil in the world. The high productivity of palm oil
should be followed by processing and diversification of processed palm oil products. One of
the products are refined palm oil to eat. Palm oil can be processed into various kinds of
productsfrom the stem, fruit, root. Thefruit is made into oil palm. Oil palmfroit is processed
through handling the fruit bunches. boiling. threshing. pulverized. oil extraction. and
clarification to become Crude Palm Oil (CPO). CPO has a variety of nutrients that are
beneficial to human health. such as a-, a-, ii-carotene, vitamin E (tocopherol. tokotrienol).
Iicopene, lutein. sterols, unsaturatedfatty acid and ubiquinone. Generally CPO is processed
into cooking oil. However; cooking oil processing causes damage to the nutrition. To gain
benefit from the nutrients il needs to employ other treatment methods such as molecular
distillation and Supercritical Fluid Extraxtion (SFE). However. the process is still expensive.
modified conventional cooking oil processing methods is also developed so that it can produce
oil that still has a high nutrient. which is called Red Palm Oil (RPO). RPO can be used to
reduce the risk of anemia in pregnant women. RPO when stored at room temperature can last
up to 8 months with a-carotene decrease from 500 to become 370. J ppm. With a high nutritional
value RPO can be used in a variety of products that are not exposed to excessive heat.
including, saute oil, oils sachets for instant noodles. and salad dressings.

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red palm oil, RPO, applications, production. potential

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