Stuart A. Bruce


The Javanese people have a healthy beliefin ghosts. magic
and the supernatural; one which often seems contradictory to the
more scientifically-based beliefs held in the western world. These
beliefs are born from ignorance and from culture. Ignorance here
has a relationship to levels of both literacy and personal intelligence.
and if ignorance causes a lack of understanding. lack of
understanding is a breeding ground for belief in ghosts. The culture
of the Javanese is the other major factor in producing such strong
and widely-held beliefs. Traditional and modern popular cultures
create a mental pre-conditioning that affects judgement. Similarly.
collective belief and especially the use of story give the Javanese an
excellent foundation for embraCing all things supernatural.
Combined with prevalent social conditions. the Javanese are
convinced. but wrongly so. of the existence of ghosts and magic.


supernatural. ignorance. culture. science. ghosts

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