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With reference to the introduction of English teaching at
the Primary Schools in Indonesia, textbooks are very important things
to deal with due to the fact that these are considered as "the visible
heart of the ELT programme" for both students and teachers (Sheldon
1988:237). To meet the needs of the textbooks, schools buy textbooks
commercially published by local andforeign publishers, whose writers
are native speakers. They normally live in their own culture, and
therefore find it hard to compose data beyond their own culturcl
boundaries. Its a result, the definition and application of systematic
criteria for assessing those published by local as well as foreign
publishers are vital. By identifying the potential strengths and
weaknesses of textbooks in general with the suggested criteria, the
teacher will have a comparative basis for making decisions and he!
she is unlikely to make a bad choice of textbooks.


ELT (English Language Teaching), criteria, textbook. Primary School

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