The Implementation of Project-Based Learning to Improve Students’ Speaking Skill in the Tenth Grade of Vocational High School

Iin Kusumawati,


Project-Based Learning is one of strategies which English teachers use in teaching oral activities. The activities which can be implemented in project-based learning are discussion, conversation, presentation (individual or group), role-play, and others.  It also can be an aid in studying and teaching. Based on the research conducted before, using project-based learning technique to improve students speaking ability of second graders of SMPN 1 Kawedanan, Magetan by Permatasari (2013). Because of that, the researcher intends to implement the teaching speaking using project-based learning at SMK Dian Indonesia, SIDOARJO.

The researcher chooses Descriptive Qualitative as a design of this research. The subject of the research is the first grade students of nursery class, in academic year 2015/2016 with number of students, 20 students. The reasons why the researcher conducted this research here are: because this school is one of vocational program and speaking will help them to build ability and apply a job after graduating. There are three instruments to collect the data. First is documentation related to lesson plan and syllabus, second is observation field-note, third is questionnaire to the students.

Using project-based learning in teaching speaking is so helpful to regulate students’ ideas and stimulates the group presenter to extend the statement using their own words. It was interesting for them, because the researcher gives occasion for them to choose topic themselves. They feel interest, happy, enjoy, and comfort during the implementation of project-based learning because the process teaching and learning is designed appropriate students’ ideas.

To gain an effective teaching speaking using project-based learning, students should active in all of activities during the implementation of project-based learning. They also learn from their friends collaborate, discussion, and giving correction or opinion each others so that they can build social relationship. The activities in project-based learning make them build knowledge by themselves and think critically during the activities are implemented.

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