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Sigroha, Suman, is a master of English and Psychology. He is currently a Research Scholar (English) at the Department of HUSS, IIT Delhi, India. (India)
Sigroha, Suman, Assistant Professor, English Literature, School of Humanities and Social Sciences,, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi, Mandi-175001, Himachal Pradesh, India. (India)
Sigroha, Suman, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi (H.P), India (India)
Silalahi, Evalina, Sekolah Papua Kasih, Jayapura (Indonesia)
Silalahi, Rentauli Mariah, English Department, Institut Teknologi Del, Toba Samosir (Indonesia)
Silviyanti, Tengku Maya, Department of English Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh (Indonesia)
Sipayung, Kammer, English Department, Teacher Training of Nommensen Medan, Medan (Indonesia)
Sitorus, Gadis Selvia, English Department, Teacher Training of Nommensen Medan, Medan (Indonesia)
Sitoto, Simon, English Department and Department of Local Languages, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Hassanudin University, (Indonesia)
Slamet, Yosep Bambang Margono, English Department, Akademi Bahasa Asing 17, Semarang (Indonesia)
Slamet, Yosep Bambang Margono, Akademi Bahasa Asing 17 Semarang (Indonesia)
Slocum, David, J. David Slocum, BA, MA, PhD is a lecturer and Associate Dean of Academic and Student Life in New York University, U.S.A. This paper is based on a lecture delivered to Soegijapranata Catholic University Semarang, Indonesia on February 7th, 2005. (United States)
Sodiq, Jafar, English Education Department, Faculty of Language and Art, University of PGRI Semarang (Indonesia)
Soentoro, Linggayani, Linggayani Suntoro, S.S. is an alumnae of the Faculty of Letters, Soegijapranata Catholic University Semarang. (Indonesia)
Soentoro, Linggayani, graduate student of English Language Education at State University Semarang. (Indonesia)
Soerjowardhana, Aloysius, English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Dian Nuswantoro, Semarang (Indonesia)
Soetomo, Sugiono, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Engineering Diponegoro University, Semarang (Indonesia)
Sofwan, Ahmad
Sudar, Sudar, English Language Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Muhammadiyah University, Purworejo (Indonesia)
Sudar, Sudar, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Purworejo Muhammadiyah University, Purworejo, (Indonesia)
Sudiran, Sudiran, Drs. Sudiran, M.Rum. is a lecturer of English Department of University of Muhammadiyah Malang, and now pursues a Doctorate Program at the University of Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta. (Indonesia)
Sudiran, Sudiran, a lecturer at Muhammadiyah University of Malang in East Java. (Indonesia)
Sugirin, Sugirin, English Language Study Program, Graduate School Program, Yogyakarta State University, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
Suharsono, Suharsono, Faculty of Language Education and Literature, State University of Surabaya, Surabaya (Indonesia)
Sukamto, stephanus, currently a lecturer at the English Study Program of FKIP (TeacherTraining and Education Faculty), University of Lampung. He got his M.A. from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. UK. (Indonesia)

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