Clemens Tjondropurnomo, Y. E. Budiyana, Heny Hartono


Motivation has evolved as a need of many people's
life, today. The number of motivators also proliferates
gradually along with their steadfast-buffs both at
international and domestic scale. The man of the hour of
Indonesian motivator currently is Mario Teguh. Persuasive
language functions as a primary weapon to win over people.
In this research, Toulmin's model (exposing the forms of
argument structure) together with figures of speech are used
to be the theories that correspond to central route and
peripheral route in Elaboration Likelihood Model. The data
which consist of three episodes of Mario Teguh Golden Ways were downloadedfrom Youtubewebsite, and transcribed
for further analysis. The outcome of this research is
that the arguments made by Mario Teguh shows the
soundness of the arguments.In addition, some particular
figures of speech often emergedin his speech. This article
discusses the soundness of the argument, the forms of
argument structure based on Tau/min's model and the
discoveryoffigures of speech in Mario TeguhGo/denWays'


motivation, speech, persuasion, Toulmin's model,andfigures of speech

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