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In this digital era. the computer has an increasingly
important role in improving all aspects of life. Most people use the
computer to make their task easier andfaster. Likewise. in language
teaching. it has been widely used to enhance the teaching and learning
process. Learners as well as teachers can take advalltage of .
computers. Some of Ihe advantages are Ihe so-called Computer
Enhanced Instruction. and the electronic mail. Computer Enhanced
Instruction refers to language software and courseware that learners
can use either independently or in-groups. Internet as one of the most
amazing inventions in the 20"' century. without a doubt. provides many
advantages for teachers and learners. II is the easiest way to access
different kinds of information Ihal they need for the teaching and
learning process. Next. learners and teachers can make use of emails
to communicate and improve their language skills. Considering the
advantages of computers in language leaching both learners and
teachers are encouraged to use it to improve their skills and to obtain
more information.


Computer Enhanced Instruction. electronic mail. digital era.

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Computer Enhanced Instruction. electronic mail. digital


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