Analisis Semiotik Iklan Top Coffee Versi Iwan Fals Pada Media Televisi

Robertus Fajar Wicaksana


This research is based on the construction of signs which often used in advertising to convey
message. Therefore, this research is conducted to see how the construction of signs
representing myth of lifestyle in Top Coffee advertising Iwan Fals version “Inspiration”. This
research uses Roland Barthes’ semiotics theory. The method used in this research is
Barthes’ semiotics with denotative, connotative, and myth as the devices. The approach
used in this study by using qualitative, subjects were
Advertisement Top Coffee Iwan Fals Advertising on TV. While the object of this research is
the message on the Top Coffee Advertising Iwan Fals Version. To get Top Coffee Version
Iwan Fals Advertising, researchers downloading files from the internet media. The
advertising is then used to analyze the research material. In denotative level, ads Top Coffee
version Iwan Fals "Inspiration" only show the same character with Iwan Fals. However, the
connotative, this advertising shows a new style of coffee that their Blending Arabica and
Robusta coffee into one. This ad represents the myths of the culture and people's
confidence in Indonesia.
Based on these findings, it will be better if the effect of this ad to audiences analyzed in the
future research.


representation, myth, lifestyle, semiotics, advertising

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