Short FCC and CCCto Detect Eyes and Mouth in Dofferent Image Size

Denni Afredo Suryono Hartanu, Shinta Estri Wahyuningrum


The face parts that can uses for recognition e.g eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Most of the face recognition did resampling the image to the same size. This research aim to regconize the eyes and mouth in the image with different size. For the features extraction algorithm that use is short Freman Chain Code and for the recognition use Consecutive Changing Characters algorithm. Data that use to be data training is the images that have the different size. The result of experiment shows that using adaptive Freeman Chain Code algorithm and adaptive Consecutive Changing Characters algorithm, the percentage of success rate is 60% for eyes and 75% for mouth.


pattern; freeman chain code; consecutive changing character; eyes detection; mouth detection

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