Tilted Capable Quadruped Spider Robot

Kevin Hugo


Development of an Arduino Spider Robot, or known as Quadruped that could walk on titled grounds. The main purpose is to achieve capability to handle grounds that are tilted on left, right, up, and down tilted. The main parts are SG90 Servos and an Arduino Nano. The Arduino Nano will be the core or brain for the Spider. The way how this spider robot will walk is determined by the algorithm that will be made by the Researcher. The Researcher will start making the spider robot’s walking algorithm from scratch. This Spider Robot can be added with extra modules like camera or some other useful modules and can be developed more further to reach some areas unreachable by human.


Arduino, SG90 Servo, Spider Robot.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24167/proxies.v3i1.3612

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