Information System databases for Neuropsychology Tests: case study in Boston Naming Test

Shinta Estri Wahyuningrum, Augustina Sulastri, Ridwan Sanjaya


In the field of psychology, determining the psychological condition of a person’s can be done using various types of tests. Neuropsychology test is a battery test that means every person should be taken 11 test in a moment. Each test has a different objective, as an example, The Boston Naming test is used to measure a person's ability in the language domain. The data stored for each data in the Boston Naming Test (BNT) is around 130 fields. Each test has different specific data. This makes the data grow rapidly and requires a database design that can accommodate this need.

There are many approaches can be done to store the database such a relational database and NoSQL database. When the data are stored using relational methods and amount of data are large, there can be a lack of time in both processing and tracking. This article proposes a system to store the result of the neuropsychological test using the NoSQL database approach with sample data in subtest BNT.


Database, NoSQL, Neuropsychology, Statistical, BNT

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