Developing the UNPAD SAS (Universitas Padjajaran Statistical Analysis Series) Software

Ratna Jatnika, Mustofa Haffas, Hendriati Agustiani


Student in Faculty of Psycho­logy think that Statistics is very difficult for them, because Statistics is viewed as a hard science than Psychology which is viewed as a soft science. Various attempts have been made to improve student atti­tudes toward statistics, so that student ha­ve more positive attitudes. One of the ef­forts is to transform the curiculum of Sta­tistics in Faculty of Psychology UniversitasPadjadjaran by adding SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Sciences) practicum courses since 2009.

There are a variety of data analysis con­tained in SPSS can be used for data pro­cessing. However, there are still some sta­tistical data analysis used by students of the Faculty of Psychology that is not ava­ilable in SPSS. The aimed of this research is to develop software namely UniversitasPadjadjaran Statistical Analysis Series, which is statistical data analysis software that consist analysis that does not exist in SPSS or other data analysis software. In this preliminary research, modules are de­veloped only for Database Management and Descriptive Statistics.

The software development will be carried out by (SDLC = Software Development Li­fe Cycle). SDLC is a series of step or phase that presents a model for development and lifecycle management software or applica­tions.

The resulting software is tested on 144 stu­dents in Psychology Faculty in UniversitasPadjadjaran. The trial results showed that the software is most appropriate and "user friendly" software.


Software, Statistical Data Analysis

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