The Use Of Fixed Assets Management System In Souvenir Centre

Elisa Farida, G. Freddy Koeswoyo, Erdhi Widyarto Nugroho


Assets have a large role in shoring up a business process in a particular entity. Without fixed assets, a business will be difficult to do its business processes well. Fixed assets owned by Souvenir Centre Group 58 have not been well recorded, from the physical amount or in accounting records. Often the recording of assets manually causes problems due to the possibility of human error. Recording the depreciation of an asset is also a necessity of an entity that runs business processes. Therefore, an application is needed that can replace the manual process to be systemized. The aim of the research to be conducted is to design and develop and implement a fixed asset inventory system at a central store by QR-Code-based "Group 58" and look at the impact it has on the process of manually recording fixed asset inventory. Designing a Fixed Asset Management System at the Souvenir Centre "Group 58", through interviews, a study of company documents, designing Use Case Diagram, ER Diagram, Flowchart, and display design. Once the system is complete, a final interview is conducted with 5 employees/owners of the Souvenir Centre "Group 58" and get the result that the use of the asset management system has a positive impact on the Souvenir Centre "Group 58".


Depreciation; Fixed Asset; Manajement System

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